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That's me up there, the blonde in the photo (though it's hard to say if my current hair color matches that lovely shade of paint-dappled-blonde), and I'm Dani Rose. I'm happy you stopped by my little corner of the internet and I hope you like what you see. Read on if you want to learn more about who I am and why I do what I do :) 

I'm a teller of stories, but use pictures instead of words (check out the story of me in the collection of pictures below...There's some real gems there!), which is good because I'm a terrible speller. I find joy in the connections I get to capture between the lovely people who choose to let me into their lives for the moments that don't get a do-over.

I believe love is love, period. I would be over-the-moon excited to capture weddings, celebrations, families, and portraits for all kinds of humans. Are you a lady marrying a lady? Super cool! Is your family made up of two dads and a bunch of kiddos? Awesome! Does your child not ascribe to traditional gender roles? That's fantastic! I love love and want to capture it all. 

Im a lover of my sweet baby boy Ridley, my husband Tom, my corgi  Noodles, good food, and food that's bad for you (read: donuts and Diet Coke). Oh, and champagne... I really love champagne, obviously :) 

The best word I ever heard someone use to describe me was effervescent. At the time, I wasn't sure it was a compliment, but now I'm quite certain that it's not only a perfect description of my personality, but also a really fancy way to say energetic, happy, and surprising. I suppose that's why I love weddings- the energy of the day, the happy nature of the gathering, and the way they keep surprising me, all the time.

I've been a bride and know where you are right now- overwhelmed with choices, nervous about how it's all going to come together, wondering how in the world there are so many different shades of white, but also the most excited you've ever been! Don't worry- it really will all come together and will be amazing! I'm beyond thrilled that I get to do this work and that there are people who want to see the world the way I do- it's truly bananas and I'm so grateful! I'd love to help tell the stories of your life- send me an email or give me a call if you want to get started!

Up there in the photo carousel, you'll find:

1. Me and my main squeeze (he's got a name- it's Tom) having a smooch

2. One of my favorite photos of our wedding (totally an iPhone pic... I know, totally whack, but it's really sweet and my cousin took it)

3. Our puppy, Noodles, who is the worst dog but we love him anyway! 

4. A ridiculous baby photo- I was a REALLY ugly baby. 

5. Me and a giant donut at Disney World

6. Me and two giant Diet Coke's from my coworkers on my last day of teaching Kindergarten (my coworkers knew me REALLY well, what can I say?)

7. Me and my best friend at Bonnaroo (no, I will never go again, that place was not my favorite)

8. Me, my niece Makayla, and Tom (she's super rad and the most sassy)

9. Me dressed up as Angela Chase a'la My So Called Life (I love halloween and crazy getups),

10. Me doing my thing with really long and dark hair 

11. Last, but certainly not least (I can't get this page to cooperate), my little baby Ridley. He is a joy and we love him more than words can say. 

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